The Benefits of Project Management Consulting

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Whether your business was negatively affected by the economy or you simply want to streamline the projects your company is working on, hiring a project management consultant is a good investment. Almost everyone is fighting for a significantly small pool of customers. Making sure your company is lean and efficient enough to make it through these tough times can contribute to its long term success. Although there are probably many people in your company who would be an excellent choice for this job, there are a number of advantages to hiring an outsider to do project management consulting.

Access to Additional Resources: Most project management consulting experts will have access to additional resources your company can use to improve its business processes. For example, they can suggest software which will make it easier to communicate with your sales people on the road or automatically get updates on their sales numbers. This can help with the scheduling of production of units. Getting an expert opinion about the tools you need to help your company run better can save you time and money. You will be less likely to buy useless products and the consultant can assist with getting the tools implemented in your business.

Laser Focus on One Thing: The project management consulting expert will be focused on streamlining your projects, improving their performance, and developing strategies for making them profitable for you. If you have someone in your company try to take on this task, their attention will be torn between completing it and their work. An outsider can apply all of their energy to this one task which will make the process go faster and smoother. Additionally, the consultant will often have insights into your business that can only be seen through the eyes of an outsider who has not become immune to inefficiencies in your business processes.

Depersonalization: As difficult as it may be, the project management consulting expert may recommend unpopular changes be made to the company in order to boost its performance. This may include reassigning key personnel or even letting go of people. It might be easier to have a third party make these recommendations and implement them in order to avoid hard feelings developing between your company and the remaining employees. It may also prevent upper management from being sentimental and resistant to making hard changes that must be made in order for the company to survive.

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Project Planning With A Construction Consultant

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Constructing brand new buildings requires you to definitely check into quite a few elements prior to beginning with the construction. Working with a construction consultant, can certainly help eliminate your concerns in your project. Talk with these specialists and understand a little more about constructing brand new buildings and also the dangers associated with them.

If you plan to build a new house or maybe a large facility, you undergo a long process. From the preparing process towards the turnover of your house, you need to always keep important things on watch. You generally need to be beside your constructor to make sure all things are in their proper locations. When you forget to accomplish this, you can put your investment to waste. You could ask yourself how you can shield your investment if you don’t know anything about engineering. A construction consultant can really help direct you in this process. They are specialists in construction and are graduates of engineering. They may come to your aid and help explain to you the basics.

A construction consultant provides you with a few solutions. Below are a few of them.

Project Planning

These types of specialists can guide you from the start of your project. They suggest designs and supplies to use so you know your new house or facility is of high quality. They help make a budget for you so you will spend based on the finances you’ve got. This may be a problem for a few people who don’t get help and advice from an authority. They have a tendency to overspend on needless additions to their facility.

Consultants also assist in overseeing the current progress. Through this procedure, they help identify possible hazards and present methods to them in case they occur.


You might need to go through construction safety programs to ensure your site will likely be free from danger. The lessons you study from these courses will lessen the number of incidents on-site. You’ll learn a little more about using safety gears contractors ought to wear at all times within the area. Diverse signs must also be present in a few corners of the site to help remind employees. Almost all personnel have to go through these programs just before they start. Among the first few regulations in development sites is the restriction from outsiders. Construction safety programs not only make an effort to guard the employees in the area. It also presents precautionary measures for many who reside close to the site.

Forensic work

Sadly, many buildings might not be as strong and durable on account of specific elements. The whole construction could collapse if troubles are not determined rapidly. Your consultant can really help point out the issue so the developer can find a solution for it. It can be a weak spot on the floorboards or a problem with the foundation. They will try to figure out the root cause and plan steps to prevent the problem from happening.

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Working As an SAP CRM Consultant

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What is an SAP CRM Consultant?

An SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Consultant provides comprehensive solutions for managing customer’s relations with a company. It supports all customer focused business areas, from marketing to sales & services, as well as customer interaction channels like Interaction centre, the internet, and mobile clients.

SAP CRM can be independently implemented in a company, it is however increasingly being integrated with ERP to enable the company to better leverage its resources and offer great customer experience by quickly reacting to customer’s demands and other factors. The three main sub-modules of CRM are Sales, Services and Marketing.

While CRM SAP mobile and web solutions are in greater demand, SAP CRM Billing solution offers a niche where there is still tremendous room for growth before saturation sets in.

Job Functions

It is required from an SAP CRM Consultant to comprehensively educate and help the client understand the benefits which an organization can leverage from implementing a fully integrated CRM solution. You will be expected to plan the delivery of CRM solutions and to estimate the effort related to such solutions. This effort is further divided into one or more of the following focus areas:

- Service: Service Orders and Contracts, Case Management, Installed Bases, Warranty Management and Resource Planning.

- Marketing: Campaign and Lead Management, Segmentation and Lists, Real Time Offers and also Marketing Resource Management.

- Sales: Sales Planning and Forecasting, Sales Performance Management, Territory Management, Opportunity & Contact Management, Pricing & Contracts, Incentive & Commissions.

You will also be involved in business process mapping, requirements gathering, design and implementation of CRM Modules particularly Marketing, Sales, and Service. Experience in CRM Web Ui Configuration, Interaction Centre on CRM 7.0 is expected to have significant value addition to client’s business processes.

In addition to above, part of the responsibility also includes attending to the role of:

- Engagement Manager: Manage engagement risk with the customer, keeping track of project financials like planning and budgeting, to manage accounts receivable from customers, defines deliverables as well as ensure that clients’ sell-in to proposed solutions.

- Business Development: All aspects of business development like maintaining contact with decision makers at clients, organizes and leads teams pursing various prospects, proposal development for prospects and also contributes to proposal pricing.

- Practice Development: To develop solutions and methodologies, develop ‘thought-ware’ as well as ‘point of view’ literature, conduct seminars and public speaking and contribute to publication in industry and trade journals.

- People Development: To counsel and coach as well as to provide guidance and input to the firm’s staffing process and be integral part of staff recruitment and retention policies and activities.

The career of SAP CRM Consultant can be highly rewarding and financially satisfying, given the fact they had been able to help translate client’s business goals into tangible outcome by putting in place a world-class system (SAP CRM) where the customers find it highly intuitive and engaging to do business with. The client benefit from having satisfied customers, whom it is able to pro-actively attend, be it the quick placement of sales order, a complaint, an inquiry or payment options available. Given the pace with which mobile technologies and even web has penetrated in everyday’s life, SAP CRM will continue to the first choice for companies and therefore offers a stable career to SAP CRM Consultant.

Formal Education and Work Experience

- Possesses a BA degree or higher in Sales & Marketing

- SAP SD Certified

- SAP CRM certification preferred

- At least 5 years experience in SAP CRM module with extensive knowledge of various offerings and integration points of SAP CRM with SAP ERP

- At least 2 years experience in SAP CRM 2007 development experience using SAP standard tools

- At least 3 years experience in SAP CRM analysis, detailed design and corresponding documentation skills

- Be able to manage the detailed customization in the relevant CRM modules

- Be able to work independently, demonstrate initiative and mobility

- Positive team player with excellent communication skills

- Commercial insight and attitude and very strong customer focus

- Well versed with advanced Ms Excel features, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Project and Ms Visio

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Consultant Marketing Means More Business

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Having a business means hard work and no time to many people. In fact, some see that as a badge of honor. The problem with this, is that you cannot do everything well.

Enter the Consultant Marketer ready to help you get more business, more loyal customers, and believe it or not…more friends. That’s right…more friends.

Consultant Marketers help business owners get more business by marketing the owner’s skills as if the owner was a consultant. Just about every main street business owner answers customers’ questions, but many do not realize the importance of answering them BEFORE the questions are asked!

We can illustrate this with a short story and yes, it will work for your business too! (See, I answered a question before you asked it).

Dave has a hardware store in a small city of about 50,000 people. He is down the street from an Ace Hardware in one direction, and a Lowes in the other direction. At first glance it is a wonder that Dave can even STAY in business much less succeed!

Here is Dave’s secret. He thinks of himself as a hardware consultant, not a hardware store owner. He absolutely loves talking with customers but hates the tedious work of running a business. Sound familiar?

A few years ago, Dave was approached by an individual who claimed he could help him succeed by working on his local online marketing strategy. Dave was highly skeptical as both Lowes and Ace Hardware were taking his customers right and left, literally.

Dave listened to the concept of Consultant Marketing and the importance of a local online marketing plan. Not only did he listen, he decided to implement it and has never looked back.

You see, some people in the city knew Dave. He was highly respected and knew his stuff about the hardware business. Unfortunately, his customers really don’t care about the hardware business. They care about solving their current problem the fastest way with the least amount of effort.

Dave used to focus on selling his items to his customers. Steve, a Consultant Marketer, helped Dave boost his business, have more fun, and focus on helping customers, not trying to sell them stuff. The art of marketing is to make selling superfluous and this really applies. In other words, after helping people, the sale is automatic.

So How Did Steve Help Dave?

The first thing he did was to make Dave’s business “local friendly”. He revamped Dave’s poor website with articles and content that his customers wanted to read. Steve helped Dave deliver this information to his customers before they asked. For that and several other new ideas, Dave was handsomely rewarded with the business and a ton of word-of-mouth referrals.

Steve helped Dave focus on a niche that the two other stores were not filling. The best way to explain this is to answer the “why” factor. As people wander through a store they see many things that they have absolutely no idea what they are used for. Let’s look at a few examples:

Customer number 1 comes into the store to find a way to hang a towel rack in the bathroom. SHE is tired of waiting for someone in the house to fix it (can you guess who?). When she goes down the aisle with the bolts, nuts, and fasteners guess what…Dave has a display that shows how some of these fasteners are used. One of these is a towel rack hanging on a piece of sheetrock or wallboard.

The display shows five different ways to fasten the towel rack to the wall and has a small card next to each explained the pros and cons of each. Steve (Dave’s Consultant Marketer) helped him write up some small cards explaining how each fastener worked next to each example. Steve also put these on Dave’s website with a short article or video narrated by Dave about how each of these work. There was also a card next to the display with Dave’s website name and where to find the video.

Here we see Steve helping Dave with the concept of Circular Marketing. Circular Marketing is where one marketing or helpful solution references another two or three marketing solutions. In this case the card referenced not only how to fasten the towel rack, but also the following:

1. The in-store display Dave had set up.

2. The website where Dave shows how to hang it or links to another video showing how to do it.

3. The short article that Dave has on his website and his recommendations on towel racks.

4. The towel racks he has in his store.

That is just a short list of the items referenced by this simple display, but let’s look at the benefit to the customer and ultimately to Dave.

The customer is impressed with the display and the ease to find her answers on how to hang the towel rack. In turn, she purchases not only the hardware to hang the towel rack, but a new towel rack to hang in another area.

A week later, the customer is visiting a friend’s house and notices a loose towel rack. She immediately mentions Dave’s website and Dave gets another customer and another friend. Of course he makes a couple of new sales as well.

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How Executive Consulting Creates Effective Leaders

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Businesses always claim that their most important asset is their people. Employees, their level of engagement, their skills, and their enthusiasm help elevate a company above its competitors. Yet in spite of that, companies are often hesitant to invest in their employees. Whether an organization wants to help current leaders improve job performance, or to identify and train future organizational leaders, they will find that executive consulting is a great way of investing in current employees. Companies that have never hired an executive coach will find helpful background information within this article.

In the past, coaching has been viewed in the business realm as a way to correct underperformance, but today it serves more as a way to support organizational leaders. Having a third-party professional available for leaders to speak to allows them to work their way through problems that they might otherwise be hesitant to share with other organizational leaders. In essence, a manager who is having trouble organizing his team might not want to consult with someone within the organization, because doing so could mean that they are taken off of the project. With an executive coach available to help them work through a problem, leaders will spend less time worrying about their own interests and more time worrying about doing what is best for the company.

On the other side, organizational leaders are also hesitant to give feedback once employees have reached the executive level. They believe that these leaders will not benefit from feedback, as they have been doing things a certain way for so many years, and once again leaders are afraid to ask for it as they think it shows weakness. An impartial executive coach will be able to analyze performance without letting personal feelings and interests get in the way of an assessment, and then make recommendations for improvements.

Newer executives will also benefit quite a bit from having an executive coach around. When an employee is promoted, he or she might be expected to take care of duties that they do not have any experience with. Rather than stressing about the best way to manage conflicts between employees, or how to efficiently delegate tasks, these leaders will be able to turn to their coach to fill in those knowledge gaps.

Executive consulting is also a powerful tool when a company wishes to identify future leaders. Consultants can evaluate the company’s existing procedures for identifying future superstars, make recommendations for improvement, or even start from scratch to create a completely new program for developing future leaders. These consultants are valuable because of their years of experience within the industry; years spent putting in place for other companies the same types of programs your company is looking for.


It is always a good idea for a company to invest in its employees. Whether a company is turning to executive consulting to put in place a leadership-training program, or simply providing executive coaches for leaders to gain feedback from, making such an investment will pay dividends.

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Sun & Sanctum by Assetz – The Holy Nature Shrine

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Accelerate home ownership for your customer by partnering with the pioneers of down payment assistance in India.

Sun and Sanctum is a marvelous undertaking in the outlying neighborhood of Bangalore. This project is located close to Old Madras Road. This residential project is an exquisite and elegant mix of modern lifestyle and good old nature providing calm in the middle of the hustle and bustle. What makes this project unique is the tall stepped towers that add a unique view to the normal flat skyline of the city. The apartments enjoy good ventilation and ample natural lighting. Also,Guest Posting there are open decks that are multifunctional and can be customized as per the user’s requirements. This grand residential project is spread across 4 acres of space with upto 69% of open space.

Sun and Sanctum by Assetz Group are planned to consist of 5 towers with 321 apartments of 2 and 3 BHK configurations. This project is designed to provide a luxurious and premium feel to its residents. The stepped design of the buildings provides a unique look to the project making it an iconic landmark among the regular neighborhood depicting a holy nature shrine. Begin a new chapter of your life in a home that promises everything and more. Located in a thriving neighborhood, Sun & Sanctum is for those who want to enjoy the city lifestyle but are still be away from the hustle and bustle.

The amenities inside the project provide the best in class luxury that is the trademark of the real estate developers none other than the ever-classic multinational organizer the Assetz group. These are designed to suit the needs of all age groups. Be it a quiet swim or socializing at an after-dark party, there is the best of both worlds. At Sun and Sanctum, you will find an exclusive clubhouse of unimaginable grandiose. The clubhouse has a vast space of 15000 square feet area enough for everyone to socialize and rejuvenate. There are many amenities across this residential property such as a swimming pool, indoor gymnasium, outdoor yoga area, creative room, multi-utility court, pool table, fitness studio, kid’s play area, steam room, amphitheater, an indoor badminton court, table tennis as well as a multipurpose hall. This is the perfect residential project for those who are looking for buying 1bhk or 2bhk flats for sale in Whitefield Bangalore.

This project is in close proximity to KR Puram, Hoodi, Old Madras Road with booming businesses centers and IT parks in Whitefield. This is a rapidly growing zone with multiple upcoming projects in and around the location. KR Puram is a suburb of Bangalore located in the eastern part of the city which is 15 kilometers from the Bangalore city railway station. This location is also the center of operations of the Bangalore-East taluk and houses a large number of government offices. The 50-year old Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) is a major landmark in the area. KR Puram is close to the IT hubs of Whitefield and Marathahalli and is surrounded by Kuvempu Nagar, Dooravani Nagar, A pura, B pura, and Pai Layout. This is one of the fastest-growing localities of Bangalore and is only 4 kilometers from ITPL.

The social infrastructure nearby the project includes Navadeep English High School, Cambridge School, Amar Jyothi Women’s College, Cambridge Institute of Technology, Apollo Hospital, Vyedehi Hospital, Sathya Sai Hospital, N M PG Hospital, Krishna Hospital, Manipal Poly Clinic, and Super Speciality Hospital. Phoenix Marketcity is at a distance of 7.2 km from the project whereas Kempegowda International Airport is 29.6 km away.

Having proximity to major IT hubs and good connectivity to other parts of Bangalore city, the real estate market in KR Puram has been growing over the past few years. It is close to Whitefield, ITPL and the newly announced SEZ has contributed to the increasing prices of property in KR Puram. With the 6-lane Old Madras Road nearing completion and the Byappanahalli Metro Station situated very close by, the demand for residential developments in the area is expected to grow even more.

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Enhance the Quality of your Marketing Database with Dentists Leads

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Reach all Dental Specialists — General Practice, Endodontists, Orthodontists, Pedodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, etc.
A dentist,Guest Posting also known as a dental specialist, is a healthcare professional who works to diagnose, prevent, and treat all dental issues and conditions of the oral cavity, as well as tooth loss.

AverickMedia Dentists Email List is constantly updated to reflect new business trends and marketing requirements. AverickMedia’s Dentists email list was created for this aim, as it assists marketers in marketing their brand and services to key individuals via their preferred channel of online and offline communications.

Salient Features of AverickMedia Dentists Email Database

100% telephone and email verified Dentists Leads
Regularly updated and cleansed databases to keep it free of duplicate and inaccurate data
Connect with top Dentists across the US, Canada, UK, and many more countries.
Grow Your ROI with Result-focused Global B2B Contact Data

Choose Data as per your specific criteria

Job Title
Employee Size
Revenue Size
And More…
AverickMedia recommends using an email list of Dentists to save time and resources when attempting to compile business data. A targeted database of Dentists’ sales prospects can help you meet your quarterly or annual sales goals. Market to dentists by segmenting your email list based on office size, location, number of employees, age, and other factors. So, buy AverickMedia Dentists Leads to get the best business database. Begin rolling out b2b marketing campaigns that are tailored to your company’s needs and marketing budgets by being proactive and using the Dental Professionals Business List in your campaign budget!

As a result, they have kept the Dentists Email Database extensive, with verified records on professionals who will benefit from your medical offers. AverickMedia can supplement all of our marketing lists with substantial demographic, behavioral, and financial data categories, as well as many other unique data segments.

Opt for High-Quality Dentists Leads such as:

Endodontics Specialist Email List
Dental Surgeons Contact Database
Email List of Dental Laboratories
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Database
Orthodontist Email Contacts
Denturists Email Address List
Prosthodontists Email Contacts
And More…
That was a theoretical demonstration of their premium services. Want to see it all in action? Then, what are you waiting for? Contact AverickMedia for a free sample list of Dentist Email Database today!

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How To Prevent Cross-Contamination Of Food In A Commercial Kitchen

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One of the most important aspects of running a restaurant is health and safety, and one of the biggest responsibilities of restaurant management and staff is to ensure that they send out food that is fit for consumption by their customers.

From the General Manager to the supervisors,Guest Posting and the Head Chef in his or her chef whites down to the line cook who prepares the ingredients for the dishes, they should always ensure that the food preparation happens in a clean and hygienic manner, so as to prevent cross contamination of food which can cause disease and illness, and may even result in the restaurant being closed down by health authorities.

Cross contamination in general terms is the spread of bacteria around the kitchen, from food to equipment, surfaces and hands, and back to other food. Customers can get very severe food poisoning from consuming contaminated food, which is why restaurant owners try their best to prevent such situations from arising by following stringent procedures for cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation.

Cross contamination of food can be prevented by using proper methods and by adopting procedures for staff to follow regarding personal hygiene, as well as storing and food preparation methods.

The following are some procedures that should be followed by all staff working in a restaurant with regard to their personal and work space hygiene.

Clothing – Uniforms such as cook shirts, hats and chef aprons should be worn at all times during food preparation and handling, and staff should not be allowed to prepare food while in their normal day-to-day clothes since these could bring in contaminants from the outside. Uniforms should be washed and cleaned on a daily basis.
Personal hygiene – Nails should be kept short and clean, and staff should shower before they get into their uniforms and start the daily work routine.
Accessories – Accessories such as jewelry, watches etc should be removed before starting to handle food.
Hair – Employees with long hair should tie their hair back and wear a hair net, in addition to wearing a chef hat.
Washing hands – Regular washing of hands should be encouraged among staff, and anti-bacterial soap and paper towels to dry their hands, should be kept available at all times.
Damaged utensils – Utensils that have any form of damages or shows signs of wear and tear should be discarded since bacteria can form between crevices.
Work surfaces – These should be cleaned with disinfectant regularly, and proper cleaning done at least once every day. Hot soapy water and antibacterial spray or wash are a must for cleaning surfaces.
Equipment and utensils – Equipment and utensils should be properly cleaned and stored on shelves.
Cleaning equipment – Different cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops, cleaning cloth and sponges should be used for the different areas.
Towel drying – Towel drying of dishes should not be done, since there could be contaminants on these towels which will then transfer to the dishes.
Procedures to follow with regard to food storage and temperatures.

Raw meats – Raw meat, poultry and seafood should be stored on the bottom-most shelves of the freezer, in order to prevent juices from them dripping to other food.
Cooked food – Cooked food should be kept away from raw food, and should never be stored together.
Eggs – Eggs should be kept refrigerated and in their original containers from the time they are received, in order to prevent spoiling and breakages.
Temperature – Refrigerator and freezer temperatures should be kept at the right level at all times. According to legal regulations the right temperature for freezers and cold storage rooms is 8oC or below.
Hot food – Hot food should never be placed in a refrigerator as it can change the temperature level inside it.
Containers – Containers used for food storage should be properly labelled.
During food preparation, the following procedures should be followed in order to prevent cross-contamination of food.

Color coding – Utensils such as cutting boards, knives, storage containers etc should be color coded so that different items are used for different foods.
Raw food – Raw food, especially meats, should not be washed, as water could splash to other surrounding surfaces and contaminate them.
Fruits and vegetables – These should be washed properly even if they are going to be peeled.
Utensils – Utensils used for food preparation should be cleaned and washed immediately after using them and stored away.
By following strict rules such as the above, restaurants can ensure that they maintain a hygienic and sanitary food preparation service, which is an important part of providing a memorable experience for their customers and guests. All staff should be properly trained on cleanliness and hygiene and regular training sessions should be carried out to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable on what should be done.

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What Is The Need Of Foreign Translation Services

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There is no doubt that if you want to expand your business in foreign countries then you have to hire Foreign translation services.

Without the translated content you can’t communicate with your foreign audience who speak the other languages. There are various reasons you can’t resist hiring Standard Foreign Translation Services for your business. Here we are going to discuss some of them.

Helps To Connect:Your business can’t grow if you fail at connecting with your audience and if we talk about which one is the best method to connect with your audience then that is one and only: talk to them in their native language. Language is something,Guest Posting if it is not the same thing spoken by the two people then those two people can’t understand each other as this is the method of communication. The same goes for you to connect with your targeted audience. Here, by translating the content of your business into a Foreign language, you take that first step that will help you and your business to connect with your audience.

No Other Way: As we have described above that language is the only method to connect with your audience and here to do that you need to take the help of translation services. This is the only way through which your business can speak with them in their native language and connect with them which will push them to take an interest in your business and then gradually buy from your business.

The Easiest Method Of Targeting: Translating is not only the only method of connecting and targeting your audience but also the easiest method. And this easiest method gives you amazing results for your business in the long run and also opens the door to many other opportunities too. It doesn’t require a lot of time, effort, and energy from your side, you just need to invest in hiring experienced and professional translators, and you are good to go.

Now, the decision is yours. Whether you want to select this powerful and easiest method to connect and target your audience to bring amazing results for your business or not.

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Casagrand Millenia, Premium Cozy Apartments in Chennai

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With our Home Down Payment Assistance Program, you can double the amount available for your down payment.

All of us grow up with the desire to achieve certain goals in life and one of the most common and preeminent objectives among all those goals,Guest Posting for most of us, is buying a home. However, with the passage of time, we face the truth and get subjected to the fact that it’s not as easy as it seems to be. For our desired home and the amenities, we wish to have it, followed by the huge payment we need to make for it.

Though the legacy of charging unreasonable prices for our desired home has been embraced by most builders across India, there are few builders who offer us properties accompanied by all amenities at a price that determines equitability.

One such builder is Casagrand, offering a wonderful project named Casagrand Milleniaat Mogappair, Chennai.

Nevertheless, when it comes to buying a home, making our dream come true is not just word of mouth. So, we should surely know about the builder in a descriptive and detailed way, and find out if they are sufficiently trustworthy.

Casagrand Builder Private Limited is a real estate firm dedicated to developing and delivering value with expectations. In the last fifteen years, in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Coimbatore, the company has built more than 22 million sq ft of prime residential real estate. Over 18,250 satisfied families across 112+ historic properties bear witness to the dedication of Casagrand. Casagrand is all set to progress further forward with projects worth over 8000 crores in the pipeline in the sixteenth year of the company’s journey. More than 100 residential developments covering over 20 million square feet were successfully completed by a respected firm with over 15 years of real estate with good execution. With the solid financial ability and good corporate governance, they have a record of high building efficiency and completion of homes before time. Also, owing to the excellent quality of projects completed over the years, they have won many awards.

Now that we know about the developer in all aspects and in a detailed manner, let us have an overview of the project offered by it. A residential project by Casagrand is Casagrand Millenia in Mogappair, Chennai North. To have a convenient life, the project offers apartments with a great mix of modern architecture and features. Casagrand Millenia is spread over a gross area of 3.46 acres of land. It has 2 towers in total, each of which consists of 8 floors. The 146 units are part of the plant.

Casagrand Millenia provides facilities such as a consolidated landscaped podium spreading 32,000 ft, an amphitheater, multipurpose lawn, badminton, football, cricket nets, children’s playfield, volleyball, basketball, skate rink, community hall, children’s play area, co-working room, business center, multipurpose court, yoga flatform, bike lane, senior citizen seating areas, library, magazine lounge, ATM provision, leering garden, gazebos, maze garden, reflexology park and many more.

In addition to all the advantages of the project itself, its location also provides other benefits, such as easy access to Axis Bank – 1.8 km, MMM College of Nursing – 2.6 km, Chennai International Airport – 20.1 km, GBR Fertility Center & Hospitals – 1.1 km, Inox National Virugambakkam – 5.8 km.

Whether you want to buy a home in Chennai, give it on rent, or looking for a property to invest in. The project offered by “Casagrand Builder Private Limited” – “Casagrand Millenia” is comparatively a worthy and non-negligible property to invest in for all the desired purposes.

HomeCapital provides the Home Down Payment Assistance program to connect these apartments with more homebuyers – a program that also financially helps homebuyers in early rather than late buying their dream home. HomeCapital is the pioneer of the Down

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