Choosing a Feng Shui Consultant – 8 Tips Help You Select the Right One For You

Have you considered having a feng shui consultation but you just didn’t know where to start or what to expect? It’s hard to know how to choose or what makes a consultant qualified. Feng shui is a fascinating field and draws to it very interesting, and often very nice, people. But are they really qualified and do they know their stuff?

This is Personal

Many people seek feng shui help when they are looking for help with very personal issues that range from romantic difficulties, to health problems, to money concerns. That makes choosing a qualified feng shui consultant even more important. When you choose a consultant, you are opening up your home to this person’s influence, so you want to be able to trust that the information from this consultant is trustworthy, accurate, and supports your personal goals.

The Genuine Article

Finding someone who is knowledgeable and trained is a first step when you’re looking for a consultant. Considering that you are looking to bring about a shift in your life, it is worth taking the time – and the expense – to find someone who will give you your money’s worth.

Be aware that many practitioners do not make the time or investment in their training. Those that do, often expect, and rightly deserve, higher fees. In particular, traditional Chinese feng shui takes time and training in order to practice it effectively. Be wary of anyone who has only performed personal study; that is, read a couple of books and then hung up their shingle.

So, consider choosing well and wisely when selecting a consultant. The tips below will help guide you in finding the right one for you.

8 Tips Help You Choose a Feng Shui Consultant

1. Consider the type of feng shui practiced.

You should always ask what school of feng shui the consultant follows. If it is one you are comfortable with, i.e., traditional or western, that will probably be the one you should go with. I personally prefer traditional because this is the “original” feng shui that has evolved over the past 5,000 years.

2. Level of education.

The next critical question is “Where did you learn feng shui and from whom”? You will want someone to have attended a certifying class from a reputable teacher or master.

3. How long has the consultant been in practice?

Just so that you are informed, it is important that you know how long a consultant has been practicing. If the consultant is a novice, you should expect fees that are relative to the level of experience. Likewise, if the consultant is very experienced, you should expect a higher fee.

4. What do their clients say?

Testimonials are a great way to get a feel for what a consultant will do. Friends who refer you to a consultant are a wonderful way to choose a consultant with confidence. Get references or testimonials from the consultant’s clients.

5. Have they asked for your floor plans, birthdates, and possible directions?

If so, you have someone who knows their “feng shui stuff.” This is someone who most likely practices traditional feng shui and will take an objective approach to your space. If the consultant comes into your home and points at the figurine of the poodle on your piano and tells you that is the source of your problems, then end the session. You should expect to receive a well-thought out and thorough analysis of the whole house.

6. What does a “consultation” consist of?

Sometimes, it is better to consider what a consultation doesn’t do, than what it does. For instance, you might get advice on location of certain elements, but a feng shui consultation is not an interior design consultation. You should not expect for your home or office style to be critiqued. This is not the purpose of a consultation.

The consultant should advise you on the orientation of your home, the environmental impacts (such as hills, trees, water flow, etc.). Your consultation is not about how much intention you place on improving your home, it is an assessment of your space and the placement of important rooms, such as bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. Colors, design, and other aspects are still a part of the consultation, but they are secondary to the actual layout and orientation.

This basic assessment is then factored in with your personal feng shui based on your date of birth, and also, possibly, flying star feng shui that locates the water and relationship stars – the location of critical energies – that provide the greatest benefits.

Lastly, you should be told up front what you should expect to receive following and/or during the consultation. Will the consultant tell you then and there what should be changed or enhanced? Or, will the consultant send you a report that outlines the various strengths, weaknesses, and impact of your space? Know before you commit to an appointment.

7. How much will the consultation cost?

Consultations vary. However, if you have a smaller home, you should not pay an exorbitant amount. In my opinion, the size of home or office should be relative to the cost. If you have a 7,000 square foot home, you should expect a higher fee than someone in a 2,000 square foot home.

8. Is your consultant successful?

Consultants are giving you financial, relationship, and career advice. They should be successful in these areas, too. Think about it…you wouldn’t go to an athletic trainer who was grossly overweight and out shape and expect to get good advice about exercise. So, if your consultant drives up in a beaten up car and lives in a tiny shack, you probably won’t feel confident that this person will be able to tell you how to improve your wealth or business opportunities. Select with care.

If you’re ready to move ahead in your life, find out what’s holding you back by having your own consultation.

Feng shui is more than a technique for enhancing your home. It is a valuable DIAGNOSTIC TOOL that can help you see where your home could use help or help you to understand WHY you feel the way you do in your home or office. Schedule a consultation and find out HOW your home is affecting your life.

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